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Take a closer look at the files stored on your system and their typology
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If you want to know what kind of files populate your hard disks and external storage devices, Disk Files can scan whatever drives you select and show you a list of the top 500 files neatly classified by their typology. By default, the app concentrates mainly on document, video, audio, and image file types, but you can customize the searches and their results by including new file extensions.

This is a merely informative tool. It scans your system or selected drives in search of files that fall into the categories of your choice. The app comes with a default classification that includes audio, video, image, document, and archive (“compressed”) files. Each category covers the most common file extensions, but you can always add new ones or remove those you know you won’t need. If required, you can create a whole new category as well, and assign the corresponding extensions to it.

Once the scan process has ended (usually, in a matter of seconds), the app will list all the types involved in the search together with the number of files and the total size assigned to each group. Besides, it will list the top 500 files complete with their full path. You can filter this list by file type and sort the files on the list by file name, path, size, etc. You can also select a specific file and ask the app to show its properties (using the standard Windows properties dialog) or to open the folder where it is stored.

There is no doubt that knowing how your files are distributed on your hard drives and other storage devices and which of them are taking up the most space is always useful. Having a tool that helps you gather that information in the most straightforward and fast way is also a great advantage, but that is information that you can always retrieve using your own operating system’s file management tools. Without denying Disk Files’ unquestionable usefulness, I miss file management features that would add value to the app and would make all of us want to add it to our already cluttered desktops, such as a duplicate cleaning tool or a big files manager.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast scan
  • Customizable file extensions
  • Type-based file filters
  • Free for personal and non-comercial use


  • Lists the files only - no further functionality is available
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